Al Taasis is Your All-in-One Incorporation Platform

About Us

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Company formation in Saudi Arabia

We Ignite Growth and Sustain Trust.

Al Taasis is your business incorporation and on-the-ground corporate solutions specialist. Our team strives to be dynamic, disruptive, and distinguished in the Gulf business industry. We are leading the way for innovation and creativity with a dominant focus on client experience and the execution of services. We provide tailored advice, services, and infrastructure to expedite establishment in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, assisting our clients in aligning their business priorities with the future vision.

Our Core Values

We take pride in our genuineness, honest dealings, and dedicated efforts.

Distinguished and Dignified

Our people, expertise, and technology are world-class, and the combination is unbeatable. Backed by our Gulf entities, we are in a league of our own.


We consider your confidentiality a top priority. Your identity and project will not be disclosed unless you approve. No back-and-forth. Secure files are available anytime, anywhere.

Innovative and Impactful

We deliver the most innovative and impactful business support, helping you build your legal entity for a fully operational local presence in an innovative, lean fashion.

Why Us

Because You Deserve the Absolute Best!

Multi-talented Team

Our multilingual team provides various solutions backed up with practical help to manage the unique challenges of business and personal wealth. Our advisors guide you through the financial intricacies and unique opportunities with considerable wealth.


We deliver top-of-the-line banking, legal, and business solutions with a client-centric approach. Our clients trust our standards of quality, innovation and customer service. We are highly responsive to client queries and ensure the accessibility of team members when you need them.

Local Connections

Scaling and venturing into Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates corporate world can be challenging, operationally and commercially. Our in-depth knowledge of government processes makes it feasible for you to quickly set up your business.

Dynamic and Technology Driven

Al Taasis has a well-deserved reputation in the Gulf region, with a high potential to face challenges and create opportunities. Our progressive approach to technology and marketing techniques reflects that we constantly strive to provide absolute solutions.

One-Stop Shop

Al Taasis offers you an extensive range of services, from incorporating your entity to various turnkey business solutions. We help you save considerable time and effort.

'Right for You' Solutions

We build a team around you to deliver trusted entrepreneurial solutions – whether that is through expert tax, business, or strategic advisory. We find innovative ways to lift your business performance and personal wealth. For us, every client is unique and worthy.

Our Mission

To strive to provide world-class solutions to our clients’ needs through innovative, well-articulated ventures and by being strategic partners of our clients.

Our Vision

To be recognised as magnificent and influential leaders for business solutions across the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region for public and private sector enterprises.