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Your business establishment might be an overwhelming process for you. As your trusted incorporation specialists, we take ultimate responsibility for your business setup and company formation. Our innovative approach has replaced outdated and tedious business setup processes from obtaining a license and business’s successful inception to profitable operations.

Venture Capital and Incubator Services in Saudi Arabia

Venture Capital

Saudi Arabia’s rapidly growing economy and strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship make it an attractive destination for venture capital investment. Our venture capital service helps early-stage, and growth-stage companies access the capital and resources they need to scale their business and achieve success.

Our team of experienced investors and industry experts work closely with companies to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions to help them succeed. We offer a range of investment options and access to our extensive network of industry contacts and resources to help companies navigate the challenges of scaling a business.

We understand the mentoring and capital needs of our entrepreneurs. We are bridging global venture firms in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. We help you review your options and find the right backers for entire fund administration, finance, accounting, and human resource services.

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Incubator Service

Our incubator service is designed to support early-stage startups and entrepreneurs in developing and growing their businesses. We provide various resources and support to help companies turn their ideas into successful businesses.

Our incubator program is designed to provide startups with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the early stages of their business. This includes access to office space, mentorship and coaching, networking opportunities, and access to funding and investment.

We offer dedicated support to your early-stage company with an ambition to grow, whether access to physical space or a network of entrepreneurs, advisors, and partners. We provide a supportive environment for entrepreneurs with the passion and tenacity to launch and grow businesses.

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Our Working Process


Strategy and Planning

We help you decide your entity structure and business activity and guide you about its specific requirements. We keep you well informed about the steps involved in your business setup process.


We facilitate you with your complete company setup process: getting your Investment License, documentation of the Memorandum of Association, issuance of Commercial Registration, opening files and General Director’s Visa.

Bank Account Opening

We assist you with your corporate bank account opening process and guide you through each stage.

Staying Compliant

We provide ongoing support in your post-business setup phase and help you comply with local laws and regulations.