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Industrial License
in Saudi Arabia

An industrial license in Saudi Arabia enables companies to engage in industrial activities and manufacture products within the Kingdom. You can get industrial licenses for heavy and light industries and transformative industries.

The industrial sector has the potential to establish Saudi Arabia as a regional hub for industrial production, attracting investment and trade from other countries in the region.

It is important to note that some industries and sectors may have additional requirements or restrictions, and the process of obtaining an industrial license may vary based on the company’s specific circumstances.

Industrial Sector
in Saudi Arabia at a Glance

The Significance of the Industrial Sector in Saudi Arabia

Economic Diversification

The Saudi Arabian government actively seeks to diversify its economy from relying on oil exports, and the industrial sector is seen as an essential part of this effort. By developing a robust industrial base, the government hopes to create new sources of revenue and employment opportunities.

The National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP)

NIDLP aims to make Saudi Arabia a top industrial leader and a world-renowned logistics hub. This is achieved by maximizing its mining and energy resources, utilizing local content to its fullest extent, and embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR).
The Program plays a significant role in diversifying the kingdom's economy towards sustainable growth by creating a desirable investment climate that attracts global investors.

Value-Added Production

The industrial sector allows the country to add value to its natural resources by processing raw materials into finished goods. This can increase the value of exports and reduce the country's dependence on imports.

Industrial Cities in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON) is currently responsible for managing 36 industrial cities that house over 3,500 factories in the kingdom, and additional developments are in the works. MODON provides various benefits, offerings, services, and incentives to draw investments from the GCC, Arab, and international markets to Saudi Arabia. Learn more about industrial cities in Saudi Arabia.

Industrial Licensing Requirements in Saudi Arabia

Industrial Licensing
Industrial Licensing
Industrial Licensing