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Services License
in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides many areas for investment

A service activity license covers the following activities
in Saudi Arabia

The Significance of the Transport Sector in Saudi Arabia

Economic Growth

The transport sector plays a key role in supporting economic growth in the country by providing efficient and reliable transportation services, linking businesses and consumers, and facilitating trade and commerce.

Strategic Location

Saudi Arabia is located at the crossroads of major trade routes and is a gateway to several regional markets, making it an important centre for transportation and logistics.

Government Support

The government of Saudi Arabia recognizes the importance of the transport sector and has been making significant investments to upgrade and modernize the transportation infrastructure, including roads, airports, ports, and rail networks.

Tourism Industry

The transport sector is also crucial for developing the tourism industry, as tourists require convenient and efficient transportation options to travel within the country and visit its attractions.

Services Licensing Requirements in Saudi Arabia

License to practice bus public transportation within cities
Services Licensing
License to practice other transport