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We assist you with hiring talented Saudi nationals and managing your staff. Our employee management services cover WPS management, social insurance, medical insurance-related guidance, and services, as well as visa renewal, amendment, cancellation and entry/exit services.

Employee Management

Streamline Your HR Operations in Saudi Arabia with Our Employee Management Solutions

Expansion to Saudi Arabia brings not only opportunities but also multiple challenges. Al Taasis is concerned about your smooth business operation.

Who is responsible for running your business successfully?
Your employees!

Staffing in Saudi Arabia is tricky. You are required to hire a certain number of Saudi employees in alignment with the Kingdom’s Saudization policy.

We keep you stress-free!

We assist you with hiring talented Saudi nationals and diverse staff per your requirement. Stay compliant with Saudization and maintain your Nitaqat status with Al Taasis.

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Our Employee Management Services

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Our services are not limited to employee management only. We provide bespoke solutions to businesses.

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Setting Up Business in Saudi Arabia: All You Need to Know

Saudization is a national localisation program in Saudi Arabia called the Nitaqat program. Foreign companies in Saudi Arabia must hire around 30% of Saudi nationals, and the percentage can vary as per the type of business.

A foreign company appoints General Manager to represent local company affairs, such as opening or operating a bank account.

In Saudi Arabia, different types of wages exist:
  1. Daily-paid workers receive their wages weekly.
  2. Monthly-paid workers receive their wages monthly.
  3. Employees receive weekly payments proportional to the completed portion for piecework lasting over two weeks, with the remaining balance paid in full the following week.
  4. In all other cases, wages are paid to workers at least once a week.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development introduced a program in 2013 that allows establishments to submit wage files for their workers. The program monitors compliance rates, identifies violations, and addresses justifications. It is being gradually implemented across all private sector establishments in specific stages.

The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) is a government entity responsible for enforcing the Social Insurance Law in Saudi Arabia. GOSI collects employer contributions, ensures legal social insurance coverage, and disburses benefits to insured individuals and their dependents.

Indeed, the employer is obligated to provide insurance for GCC hires and their families as per the health insurance law, ensuring coverage for their healthcare needs.

No, the employer is not obliged to provide insurance for them. The cooperative health insurance law is specifically designed to provide and regulate healthcare for all non-Saudi residents in the Kingdom, as mentioned in Article (1) of the law.

Our Working Process


Strategy and Planning

We help you decide your entity structure and business activity and guide you about its specific requirements. We keep you well informed about the steps involved in your business setup process.


We facilitate you with your complete company setup process: getting your Investment License, documentation of the Memorandum of Association, issuance of Commercial Registration, opening files and General Director’s Visa.

Bank Account Opening

We assist you with your corporate bank account opening process and guide you through each stage.

Staying Compliant

We provide ongoing support in your post-business setup phase and help you comply with local laws and regulations.