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Your business establishment might be an overwhelming process for you. As your trusted incorporation specialists, we take ultimate responsibility for your business setup and company formation. Our innovative approach has replaced outdated and tedious business setup processes from obtaining a license and business’s successful inception to profitable operations.

Business Setup In Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Streamline Your Business Setup in Saudi Arabia with Our Comprehensive Services

Al Taasis specialises in company formation with extensive experience across the UAE and the Saudi markets.

Benefits of setting up Business in Saudi Arabia!

Saudi business landscape supports foreign investments . The Kingdom offers:

  • Ease of doing business
  • 100% foreign ownership of business
  • Regulatory and financial incentives
  • Fast and streamlined processes

Now is the right time to expand your successful business to the Kingdom!

Business setup processes and dealing with government departments might be overwhelming. As your trusted incorporation specialists, we take ultimate responsibility for your business setup and company formation in Saudi Arabia.

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Step-by-Step Process for Setting Up Business in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Our consultants take you through the complete business setup process and provide you with up-to-date information so you can start your business compliantly in Saudi Arabia.

Pre-Setup Stage

  1. Partner with Al Taasis to get a free consultation.
  2. Decide on your legal business structure.
  3. Select your business activities.
  4. Choose a unique name for your business.

Documents Required for Pre-Setup Stage in Saudi Arabia

Prepare the following documents for notarisation and legalisation of your parent company’s documents in Saudi Arabia.

  • Parent Company’s Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Business License
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Board Resolution
  • Power of Attorney

Business Incorporation Stage

  1. Obtain an investment license from the Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia (MISA).
  2. Get the Articles of Association notarised.
  3. Get your Commercial Registration issued.
  4. Register your company’s National Address.
  5. Register with government departments for taxation, insurance and hiring employees.
  6. Open your corporate bank account.

Documents Required for Company Setup in Saudi Arabia

  • Investment License Application Form
  • Notarised Board Resolution with Partners’ Names and Shares of each Partner’s Capital
  • Audited Financial Statements for the last full year
  • Articles of Association
  • Passport Copies of the Shareholders
  • Proof of ID and Proof of Address of Directors and Shareholders
  • Attested Copy of the Power of Attorney

Our expert team smoothly handles your company formation process and keeps you in the loop at each step. Contact us now.

Our Extended Services

Corporate Setup in Saudi Arabia

Whether you aspire to expand to Saudi Arabia as a foreigner or establish a GCC-owned company, we are here to help your business endeavours.

We provide expert guidance on the legal and administrative requirements for setting up a company and support running a successful business.

We assist with the incorporation process, registration with government departments for taxes, social insurance and employee recruitment and obtaining necessary licenses and permits. Our experienced business professionals and industry experts will guide you through the process, ensuring that all the required steps are completed correctly and efficiently.

Understand the step-by-step post-incorporation process in Saudi Arabia.

There are various business structures available in Saudi Arabia. We know the advantages and disadvantages of each legal structure and we guide you well according to your specific business activity.

Understand the difference between a branch and a subsidiary.

Al Taasis provides a wide range of services to help you establish the right business structure and grow your business in Saudi Arabia in your desired jurisdiction.

We Ignite Growth and Sustain Trust

Al Taasis is your business incorporation and on-the-ground corporate solutions specialist. Our team strives to be dynamic, disruptive, and distinguished in the Gulf business industry. We are leading the way for innovation and creativity with a dominant focus on client experience and the execution of services. We provide tailored advice, services, and infrastructure to expedite establishment in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, assisting our clients in aligning their business priorities with the future vision.

What We Offer

Business Incorporation

We will assist you in registering your business with the relevant government entities and obtaining the necessary licenses and permits.

Legal Compliance

We will ensure that your company follows all relevant laws and regulations, including labour laws, health and safety regulations, and environmental regulations.

Tax Registration

We will assist you in registering for taxes and ensure that your business complies with all tax laws and regulations.

Visa and Work Permit Assistance

We will help you obtain your employees' necessary visas and work permits. We also offer employee management services to handle your staff recruitment and help you with Saudization requirements.

Banking Assistance

We assist you with opening your corporate bank account in Saudi Arabia. We support your business interests by choosing the bank with the best facilities at low tariffs and competitive fee charges, with high-quality reporting, transparency, and customer service. We have close tie-ups and relations with leading banks in Saudi Arabia.

Operational Support

We provide ongoing support to help ensure the smooth operations of your company. With our unwavering support, your company will grow fast.

Setting Up Business in Saudi Arabia: All You Need to Know

We provide flexible options of packages that fit your needs and budget.
Please get in touch with us for more details about our packages or how we can create a custom package for you.
The corporate tax for foreign investors is 20% annually of the net profit. The corporate tax (Zakat) for GCC nationals is 2.5% of the net profit annually.
  • The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI)
  • The Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia (MISA)
If they are from the same category and under the same license type, they can – you can’t combine two types of licenses in Saudi Arabia (KSA).
Setting up a foreign company or LLC branch typically takes three to six months.

Different types of business structures are available with their advantages, requirements, and differing scope of business activities and registration requirements:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Limited Liability One-person Company
  • Joint Stock Company
  • Foreign Company Branch
  • Solidarity professional company
Subsidiaries are a popular option for company setup in Saudi Arabia (KSA). Joint Stock Companies are rare outside of the banking and insurance sectors. LLCs are the most popular independent company type.

No local sponsor is necessary to register a business with the MISA. As such, there are no legal disadvantages compared to other local companies.

Branch offices can engage in commercial activity within the scope of the license and require a minimum capital investment of $133,100 (500,000 Riyals).

  • Trade license/Commercial Registration
  • Articles of Association (AoA) and/or Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  • Audited financial statement of the last year

Further documentation can be requested subject to the formation structure.

According to the Ministry of Investment (MISA), the minimum capital required to practice wholesale and retail trade activity for foreign companies with 100% ownership is (30) million Saudi Riyals.

Limited liability companies (LLC) require a minimum capital investment of around $133,100 (SAR 500,000)

Limited Liability Company (LLC) can have one shareholder and is limited to a cap of 50 shareholders.

A minimum of two shareholders are required for a Saudi Joint Stock company, and the minimum capital requirement is SR500,000 or SR5,000,000 (in the case of a single shareholder).

There are 4 Economic Cities, 5 Special Economic Zone and 36 Industrial Cities in Saudi Arabia. All these offer flexible regulations and incentives to foreign investors depending on the business license and type of activity.

Our Working Process


Strategy and Planning

We help you decide your entity structure and business activity and guide you about its specific requirements. We keep you well informed about the steps involved in your business setup process.


We facilitate you with your complete company setup process: getting your Investment License, documentation of the Memorandum of Association, issuance of Commercial Registration, opening files and General Director’s Visa.

Bank Account Opening

We assist you with your corporate bank account opening process and guide you through each stage.

Staying Compliant

We provide ongoing support in your post-business setup phase and help you comply with local laws and regulations.