Saudi Business Incorporation Journey Construction Business Setup

Saudi Business Incorporation Journey Construction Business Setup

Saudi Business Incorporation Journey: Blog Series Our Client's Construction Business Setup Story in Saudi Arabia

Welcome to our latest series, Saudi Business Incorporation Journey, where we share real stories of how businesses have successfully expanded into the Saudi market with our help. Today, we are excited to tell you about a client who came to us from Pakistan, looking to set up their construction business in Saudi Arabia.

Client’s Background

We have extensive experience in setting up businesses for clients from across the globe, who belong to diverse nationalities and have their own requirements and mindsets. This client, a well-established construction company from Pakistan, has been in the market for over 15 years. With a strong presence in the UAE as well, they were eager to expand their footprint into Saudi Arabia. The company was experienced and successful in its home and neighboring markets, but the intricacies of the Saudi market were unexplored territory for them.

Initial Consultation

The journey began when they reached out to us through our main line. They were clear about their requirements: they needed a local team to help them navigate the Saudi market, and they wanted the process to be as quick and seamless as possible. Understanding their urgency and the need for a local presence, we quickly set up a meeting at our office to discuss their needs in detail.

Building Client’s Trust

During our meeting, we shared our proposal, highlighting how our streamlined, one-stop-shop process could meet all their needs. We emphasized our deep local knowledge and extensive experience in the Saudi market. This assurance was crucial in convincing them that we were the right partner for their expansion. They were particularly impressed by our local presence and our comprehensive approach, which meant they wouldn’t need to look elsewhere for any part of the process.

Tailoring the Solution

Once they decided to move forward with us, we began by ensuring they had all the necessary documentation. We asked them to provide a copy of their trade license/business license to verify it was at least one year old, a requirement for foreign nationals in Saudi Arabia. We then tailored our services to fit their specific needs, including obtaining a Service License under the Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia (MISA), commercial registration, Chamber of Commerce (COC) registration, portals activation, national address registration, and assistance with the General Manager’s visa (Iqama) and bank account opening.

Overcoming Challenges

As with any incorporation process, there were delays beyond our control, particularly from government authorities. However, we kept our client in the loop at every stage, ensuring they were well-informed and reassured throughout the process. Our proactive communication helped maintain their confidence in our services. Our team’s dedication to transparent and continuous updates was key to sustaining their trust and satisfaction.

Ongoing Assistance and Services

Once the incorporation was complete, our support didn’t end there. We offered a retainer package that included HR support services, Wage Protection System (WPS) compliance, recruitment services, assistance with obtaining extra work visas (residency cards/Iqama) for their employees, and more. Our goal was to provide ongoing support to ensure their smooth operation in Saudi Arabia.

Networking and Expansion

Understanding that the client was unfamiliar with the Saudi market, we shared tips and strategies for effective networking and approaching government contracts. Our local insights and connections proved invaluable to them, helping them establish a strong foothold in the market. Our support proved invaluable, enabling them to expand their business confidently and effectively within Saudi Arabia.

Continuing Support and Growth

Our relationship with the client didn’t stop at incorporation. We continue to support them as they grow their business in Saudi Arabia. We regularly check in to see if they need any further assistance, whether it’s in networking, financial management, bookkeeping, tax management, or license renewal. Their positive feedback is a testament to the success of our comprehensive support and services.

Quality is Remembered Long After the Price is Forgotten

In the end, the client was delighted with our services. They appreciated our streamlined process, local expertise, and the fact that they didn’t have to look elsewhere for any of their business setup needs. Their successful expansion into the Saudi market is a proud achievement for both them and our team.

Stay tuned for more stories in our Saudi Business Incorporation Journey series, where we will continue to share the experiences and successes of businesses expanding into this vibrant market.

We hope you found this journey as inspiring as we did. If you are considering expanding your business into Saudi Arabia, reach out to us – we would be thrilled to help you make your next big move.

Contact us to know more about the prerequisites of your business journey.

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