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Silence to Stardom: The Booming Saudi Entertainment Industry

Silence to Stardom: The Booming Saudi Entertainment Industry

From attracting filmmakers worldwide to fostering musical talent and establishing entertainment centres, Saudi Arabia is on an ambitious mission to emerge as a global hub for entertainment.

  • Introduction
  • NEOM Media Village
  • Saudi Arabian Film Industry
  • Saudi Arabian Music Industry
  • Steps to Elevate Entertainment Industry
  • Entertainment License in Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Entertainment Licensing Authority
  • Al Taasis is Your Forever Business Partner


Saudi Arabia has emerged as an exceptional player in the global entertainment industry in a remarkable and rapid evolution. After decades of limited entertainment options, the country is now pulling out all the stops to establish itself as a vibrant and diverse entertainment hub on the international stage. Saudi Arabia’s entertainment landscape has undergone a breathtaking transformation in recent years, from revitalizing its film and music sectors to constructing theme parks and hosting world-class events.

Saudi Arabia has set its sights on becoming a global entertainment hub, aiming to attract 25 million foreign tourists by 2023. The results of these efforts have been staggering. Since 2019, approximately 120 million people have attended various entertainment events in the country.

NEOM Media Village

NEOM Media Village is a cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s entertainment ambitions, offering cutting-edge facilities for the film and TV industry. It stands as a regional leader with four operational soundstages and resort-style accommodations for up to 500 cast and crew. The Media Village has announced a cash rebate of 40% for film production, reflecting its commitment to excellence. It plays a vital role in attracting global productions, solidifying Saudi Arabia’s position on the worldwide entertainment map.

Saudi Arabian Film Industry

Saudi Arabia’s film industry has been making waves on the international stage. Hosting the Red Sea Film Festival in 2022 demonstrated the country’s commitment to showcasing the best of global cinema. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has rolled out significant incentives for local and international film productions. The goal is to inaugurate 2,500 screens across 350 theatres within the country in the next five years, creating over 30,000 job opportunities by 2030.

Saudi Arabian Music Industry

The music industry has seen an incredible resurgence, with a 300% increase in registered music, singing, and comedy performers. This shift signals a growing appetite for cultural diversity and creative expression. Music festivals and concerts are increasingly becoming part of the Saudi entertainment calendar, fostering unity and celebration.

Steps to Elevate Entertainment Industry

With the economic reforms in Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom is doing efforts to provide top-notch entertainment experiences in its cities, showcasing its growing impact on the global stage.

  • The Saudi media sector is valued at SAR 17.4 billion, leading the Middle East and North Africa with a 30% market share.
  • Saudi Arabia reveals plans for a $346 million entertainment destination as part of SEVEN’s vision to invest SAR 50 billion in 21 entertainment sites across 14 cities.
  • Saudi Arabia initiated $234 million soft money schemes to nurture the film and TV industry’s growth, targeting local and international companies.

Entertainment License in Saudi Arabia

Now is the right time to enter Saudi Entertainment Industry as a rapid transformation is happening. You can start a successful business in Saudi Arabia with Al Taasis.

The Saudi government has introduced a comprehensive regulatory framework to facilitate the entertainment industry’s expansion. The introduction of various entertainment licenses showcases Saudi Arabia’s commitment to fostering creativity and innovation. The licenses cover various activities, from organizing entertainment events to operating entertainment venues and developing artistic talent.

Entertainment Venues:

  • Theme Parks License
  • Entertainment Centers License
  • Entertainment Events Venue License

Entertainment Events:

  • Entertainment Show Permit
  • Entertainment Event Permit
  • Restaurant and Cafés Live Show Permit

Supplier Services:

  • Artists and Talent Management License
  • Entertainment Venue Operator License
  • Crowd Management and Organization Accreditation
  • Entertainment Activities Ticketing Accreditation

Saudi Entertainment Licensing Authority

The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) supervises and enhances the entertainment sector in the Kingdom, providing recreational opportunities for people of all segments and regions. This enriches lives, brings joy, and encourages private sector participation in building and developing entertainment activities.

Al Taasis is Your Forever Business Partner

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